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Arbor Wilds - Ch 2
Sebastian tries his best to help Hawke heal, with help from villagers and het his far nameless boy. He had asked the boy his name the morning after their arrival, but the boy replied that had he ever been given one by his parents, it was long lost and forgotten. His master had never deigned to give him a name, because he claimed it would only bring a sense of entitlement and belonging.
But what ails her is far more than malnourishment and a common cold, and it’s her heart that fares the worst.
She’s not been awake for two weeks and she talks in her sleep, muttering two names; Fenris and Leto. Sebastian and the boy barely knows who Fenris is, but Leto is a mystery to them both and they hope it’s not someone else Hawke’s lost.
She wakes up at last after almost three long, painful weeks, Sebastian almost interrupting the evening service to go see to her, even knowing she’s safe in the hands of the healer. As soon as he’s done he wills himself not to run
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Arbor Wilds - Ch 1 :iconmidnightminx90:MidnightMinx90 0 0
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Things Shepard and Kaidan Squabble About :iconmidnightminx90:MidnightMinx90 3 2
The Five Years: Year Three
When Stiles meets Derek the second time, it’s year three.
The coldness in Stiles is just as it was when Derek left, but the shadows in and on Derek have grown darker and deeper.
There is a certain strength in it, Stiles muses, in the camaraderie of family lost in front of their eyes.
They’ve both gotten thinner since last they met, and to Derek Stiles seems too thin, too worn inside and outside, frayed at the edges.
Stiles has a tattoo now, too, one that he shows to Derek at night from the light of a single candle.
It’s a huge tree, the roots disappearing beneath the edge of his sweatpants and the leafless branches spreading out over his shoulders.
Derek doesn’t ask, but Stiles explains it’s a nemeton; a sacred tree he once saw on a hike in the woods. He buried his father under it, he explains, not caring if it makes sense or not.
Because to be fair, nothing makes sense anymore.
Stiles says the tree is just a stump now, and that the one on his back is for
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The Five Years: Year Five
There is coldness in Stiles, seeped into the marrows of his bones, refusing to let go or let up even for the slightest amount of time.
His father, once the Sheriff of Beacon Hills, only lasted three months into Year Five. The erupting chaos after The End was declared had escalated fast, and even now, nine months into the year, the violence is still ever present.
It had been just another uprising, just another fight over food supplies that would last, and a young boy had gotten desperate. Was getting it for his little sister, he’d said, she’s barely a year old. They’re all alone, was his excuse, and before Stiles had time to react, the gunshot rung out and his father fell to the ground.
The cold had seeped into Stiles as the blood had seeped out of his father’s body, and it had been cold before Scott had managed to pull Stiles away, before he had managed to pry Stiles’ stiff fingers off of his father’s corpse.
Six feet under and six months later and t
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Sera = fab! :iconmidnightminx90:MidnightMinx90 7 3 F*** trees! :iconmidnightminx90:MidnightMinx90 7 0
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Something as Simple as This :iconmidnightminx90:MidnightMinx90 7 0
I Sought the Best of Me
Heart pounding, she stands before the gallows, listening to the accusations towards a man she’s never seen nor heard of until this moment.
Something is wrong. She doesn’t know what.
The noose is placed around his neck, and just before it’s tightened, a familiar voice rings out.
And then she sees him.
Blackwall, the man she loves; the man who left her without an explanation.
Her heart stops beating, and for a moment everything seems frozen, suspended.
Why is he here? Why is he stopping the execution?
Then her heart kicks back into motion; pounding too hard and too fast and she feels like she can’t breathe.
She hears his confession and she feels sick right down to her core.
They take him away as she watches and she feels like she might faint and only the feeling of Cole, Cassandra and Dorian at her side keeps her upright.
The guard said they’d taken him to the prison just by the market.
Going there is hard. Her body feels foreign, sluggish, and her footste
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m!Shenko: Burning Calories :iconmidnightminx90:MidnightMinx90 5 4
Sterek: I've Traveled All This Way for Something 3
January 10th
The fan overhead is broken down, the only working one creaking on as if it refuses to give up like the others in the room.
Stiles feels exhausted, waiting in the small room with the others, waiting for their passports to get stamped, for pictures to be taken and to move on into Tanzania.
He’s never been comfortable with waiting, always sucked at sitting still too long. But the heat is making moving unbearable, and really, there’s nowhere to go either way. Going back to the buss only means getting assaulted by the seller swarming around, holding up their wares (sunglasses and cheap jewellery mostly), pressing up against the windows.
It’s so hot they can’t even bother talking to make the time pass as they wait. The fan creaks on, the only other sound that of the employees telling travellers what to do and when to look into the camera.
The forms are all filled out; names and address and how long they’ll stay and where they’ll stay. All that
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Sterek: I've Traveled All This Way for Something 2
January 5th
Their driver is named Teddy, and he tells them he’ll drive them all the way down to Dar-es-Salaam where they’ll take the ferry out to Zanzibar. He’ll also be the one to pick them up when they get up and drive them to the airport.
They’ll be staying at Methodist Guest House while in Nairobi. It’s a decent place, with breakfast and dinner included, cheap internet if they need it, and a swimming pool.
Once they get the keys to their rooms (Scott and Stiles in one, Lydia and Allison together, and Derek and Laura in the last one), they say goodnight and go to sleep, exhausted after the long journey.
It still takes them a while to fall asleep though, due to the jetlag.
January 6th
Because of the jetlag they have the first day to relax and sleep, so they have some time to get used to the new time zone. After this they’ll do something every day, so it’s important they feel awake enough for it.
Stiles spends most of his time in the room,
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Sterek: I've Traveled All This Way for Something 1
They’re on the plane out of Amsterdam, heading towards Nairobi. Stiles is next to Scott, while Allison sits a few rows behind with Lydia.
Scott had, of course, tried to swap seats to he could sit with Allison, but hadn’t been allowed.
Still, Stiles is glad he gets to sit with him, because as much as he adores Lydia, sitting next to her for over eight hours is not something he’s keen to repeat, not after their flight from the States.
They’re tired, but excited about spending five and a half weeks in Kenya and Tanzania – including Zanzibar.
The trip wasn’t planned, but winning it had been a pleasant surprise and a chance to experience something different – something most American students never got to do, either due to money or opting to go to Europe instead.
This is different, but welcome. It’s a chance to get away from wet and dreary Beacon Hills in the winter, and to experience things.
It’s noon in Europe – they’re expe
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Decorate :iconmidnightminx90:MidnightMinx90 1 0
Fenris: Musings
The bodies are still there, several years on. Fenris has stopped trying to figure it out, assuming it's just another part of his cursed life.
They act as a reminder of who he is and who he has become.
At least they don’t reek, which is equally odd.
Still, he wishes moving the corpses would have worked, that they hadn't reappeared in the same places by the time he got up the morning after having moved them.
Seems magic will always be a part of his life, though it's easier now, though he understands more.
All because of Hawke.
Fenris often thinks about the fact, when he's all alone, tracing the lyrium branded into his flesh, hoping the memories will come back.
Like it did that time with Hawke.
The wolf wonders how someone like him, branded, broken and beaten, all because of mages and magisters, could fall for someone inherently like the ones he's spent most of his life hating.
But this is Hawke.
Hawke is different.
He is more, and less. Less of the bad kind, more of the few good th
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Garrus Vakarian has only lived on Earth for three months, but he already knows there are thing humans do that he will never understand, no matter how well it’s explained to him or how much he tries.
In fact, he’s looking at one such thing right now.
It’s an afternoon in October; the sun is on its way down, colouring the landscape in a warm, golden light.
The leaves on the trees are red, yellow and orange, though most have blown off due to the storm two days ago.
Autumn storms are not unusual, nor is the fact that some of his neighbours are out raking up the leaves to gather into manageable piles.
No, the unusual thing is what his closest neighbour is doing. She’s only raked up part of the leaves, and she’s currently looking around as if she wonders if someone is watching her.
Garrus doesn’t think she can see him, but he moves away from the window just to be sure. Had he still been a C-Sec agent, he’d be ready to make a move, because it seems su
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